Following consultations with other advocacy groups (too numerous to mention, but you know who you are) we’ve agreed to collaborate on a joint venture for 2018 – THE BIG EDUCATION CONVERSATION.
What is it? It’s a wide range of events and opportunities for people to talk about the kind of education we want to see for our kid’s futures. It’s a brand – owned by no-one, but shared by everyone – that will demonstrate to governments and policy makers that a whole other conversation is taking place. It’s one that isn’t driven by ‘what works’ arguments, or traditional vs progressive squabbles. Instead it looks at big picture issues like “What’s the purpose of public education in the 21st century'”, “What are the skills our kids will need so they’re not replaced by robots?”, “Do we still need standardised testing?”
Where will it happen? In schools, community centres, pubs, TedX events, #BrewEds and Teachmeets, film screenings, conferences, unconferences, and online.
Who’s talking? Educational professionals at all levels but also the people whose voices haven’t been heard much lately: parents, employers, community members, third sector workers and the most important voice of all – our young people.
How will it work? No ‘permission’ is needed – you just organise the event (if you need films to show, or people to speak we can help) We’ll be producing guidance on how to organise, and action packs. We will coordinate the events, through the forthcoming website, and we’ll help to promote your event – you just need to let us know when it’s happening.
Why are we doing this? Because If enough of us show that these are the conversations that matter, for ALL of us, then we can bring about change from the bottom-up.
Let us know if there is something you can do for the Big Education Conversation.