Education Forward is a movement for changing the way we view, and talk about, educational reform. We believe that the public debate about education in the UK is backwards-looking, polarised, and focused on the wrong priorities. We want to change the conversation – so that it looks toward the knowledge,skills and dispositions that our children will need in the future in order to thrive.

We want to broaden the conversation – so that more people have their say, particularly parents, employers and community groups. We want to deepen the conversation – so that we talk about the things that really matter, like preparing our children for the test of life, not a life of tests.

Our book looks optimistically to a future full of possibilities, if we can find the courage to look beyond our existing narrow parameters. Our one-day conference invites you to be part of the re-imagining of education. And this website encourages you to share in the debate: read the provocations, respond to the vision and show your support!